Main courses

Potatoes with minced meat "aloo and kqeema" from Pakistan

Chicken with rice "Chicken Biryani" from Pakistan

Chicken breast by Mark

Oven baked potatoes & roasted vegetables

Russian Blini

Fish curry

Aloo paratha or flaky unleavened bread with stuffed potatoes from Pakistan

Meat kebab from Pakistan


Chop Chae mixed vegetables with meat and noodles - from Korea

Kimchi Rice

Spicy Soup from Korea

Eggplants stew

Lamb corma

Eggplants with meat or chicken

Juicy turkey from Eric

Gravy for the juicy turkey roast by Eric

Chicken a lá Dave Mangan

Chicken with lentils prepared in a pressure cooker

Tashima from Korea - meat balls in fish broth with vegetables and noodles

Turkey by Phil

Fish á la Dave Mangan

Chicken Thighs á la Dave Mangan

Tofu á la Dave Mangan

Rack of lamb in gorgonzol á la Lone

Beef balls curry by Kavita from Kerala India

Chicken roast by Kavitha from Kerala India

Chicken in yogurt marinade by Prem Latha from India

Chicken broth

Chicken with walnuts

Boiled Salmon

Beef stew in the slowcooker

Baked fish in the "Red" sauce

Baked fish with cheese by Mamul

Pizza from Beatrice

Masala dosa (savory pancakes) from Kavitha, Kerala

Healthy soup from Farideh

Lentil soup from Dalia

Oven baked mincemeat with cheese

Perfect roast by Anne

Molokhia or spinach with spiced chicken